Nicola Turner (b.1967) is a Bath based artist. Recent exhibitions include Waterweek, Gallery North, East Sussex, Blue Monday, 44AD, Bath and MA 2019, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset. With a background in sceneography Turner has over twenty years international experience. She graduated from Central St Martins College of Art & Design and in 2007 won the Green Room Award and the Helpmann Award for her design for Rusalka at the Sydney Opera House.

“In my art practice I am investigating mortality, vitality, eroticism, mass and fusion. I am exploring the interconnection of life and death, human and non-human, attraction and repulsion. I combine found objects that hold traces of memory, materials from organic ‘dead’ matter (e.g horsehair) and the shapes of human form. I am exploring the interconnection of humans to objects and each other and the awareness of death, as a way of affirming life forces, amidst confusion and the unsettled. I have found resonance in the concept of the abject, which I see as being about the capacity of the world to disorient and connect to primal instinct. My research has led me to experience an abattoir, a cadaver course and a personal ritual burial. What interests me is the dissolution of boundaries and looking at the in-betweeness of things. I draw reference from the writings of Jane Bennett, Judith Butler, Donna Harraway, Julia Kristeva and Slavoj Žižek and research exploring how humans are ecosystems that exchange and overlap with other ecosystems, not bounded by skin or death.”